1st International Chain Elongation Conference - Abstract submission


We invite you to submit your contribution. We look for oral & poster presentations and up to 15 minutes videos of Virtual Lab tours. Download the specific format and guidelines for a 2-3 page abstract (or 1 page in case of a Virtual Lab tour).

All topics related to chain elongation are welcome and are categorized in the following 3 domains:

Biorefinery development & integration in Circular Economy

to include CO2 capture, pre-treatment, separation, purification, conversion of chain elongation products, application, LCA, TEA, system analysis, or pilot-studies and beyond.

Bioreactor engineering and bioprocess development

to show news on feedstock use, products, selection pressure, operating conditions, bioreactors, modeling, etc.

Microbial physiology, pathways, informatics, genetics

to gain insight about microbiomes and pure- and co-cultures and additional in-depth analysis of the biological fundamentals such as microbial physiology.