Thesis subject

Agroecological practices of the Dominican Monastery in Zwolle

The Science Shop of Wageningen University (a community-based research program), coordinates a research for the Dominican Monastery in Zwolle. They submitted a research request to reflect upon the presence/absence of their own agroecological practices and to explore with them their (potential) role in supporting agroecological practices in the Zwolle area. The Dominican Monastery has invited Godfrey Nzamujo of the Songhai Center in Benin (a Zero Waste Farm) to facilitate dialogues on agroecology and sense-giving during a work week in November. Zero waste farming is an agroecological approach.​

We are looking for a master student who wants to do an action research (thesis) with the Dominican Monastery, Godfrey Nzamujo and diverse actors in the Zwolle area on shared motivations to strengthen agroecological practices. Within this research, there is much freedom to decide of a specific topic and formulate your own research question.

The project started half March, and will run till November 2021, so we are looking for an student who can do their research within this timeframe.