Algreen is a company founded in 2015 in Wageningen, working all over Europe. We help microalgae producers in all aspects of their business: from production to downstream, regulation and certification. We combine hands on experience with scientific knowledge and skills to co-develop the algae production system tailored to your needs.

Our mission is ‘every day algae’. We strongly believe in the potential of algae to become a large scale commodity, replacing many traditional products, thanks to their unique properties and their sustainable and scalable production methods.

The microalgae sector is an emerging young field with tremendous potential. In the past 20 years it gained significant interest by researchers and academia however still a few profitable companies are present on the market. The reason lies in the mismatch between the industrial needs and the objectives of research.

Algreen B.V.'s business model intends to bridge this gap by working hand-in-hand with researchers and, at the same time, keeping an industrial mindset in the front line. Algreen focuses on scaling up promising ideas into commercial processes in order to deliver ready off the shelf technologies to relevant industrial partners.

Production / Upstream

Algreen has a proven track record in helping producers from advice to turnkey facility. From the lab to the production plant. We offer a service starting from proprietary collection of microalgae to the production plant. For instance, we designed and constructed different spirulina plants in different parts of Europe. We are able to work with different culture techniques, such as open ponds and tubular photobioreactor.

Processing and extraction / Downstream

Algreen has experience in different types of downstream of microalgae. From the drying of the biomass to the extraction and the formulation of the product. We can support our customer by designing a new process from scratch, industrialising R&D lab scale processes or working on the optimisation of an established process. For example, Algreen has worked on the extraction of phycocyanin pigment from spirulina.

Regulation and certification

Algreen has worked for several years in the organic certification of microalgae. We have experience both with the European organic regulation and the US regulation. We are a member of the COMBIO of AISAM, the working group of the Italian microalgae association on organic standards.