Alumni Chapter China

The Wageningen Alumni Chapter China is established to engage alumni in China with one another and with Wageningen University. Enthusiastic Wageningen Alumni were actively involved in making the Wageningen Alumni Chapter China possible and continue to be active in the Supervisory Board and Executive Board.

At the launch of the chapter on 2 December 2014 prof. Louise O. Fresco (President of the Executive Board of Wageningen UR) stresses the importance of continuing the dialogue with alumni in China and elsewhere. "An alumni chapter provides very good means to re-establish the relationships now and in the future".

On this webpage you find upcoming and previous events in China and information about the Wageningen Alumni Chapter.

Previous events:

Board members

Supervisory Board President

Mr. HAN Bei Zhong - China Agricultural University

Supervisory Board Vice-President

Mr. HUANG Sanwen - Professor; Deputy Director General Agricultural Genome Institute at Shenzhen Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS)

Supervisory Board

Mrs. LUO Weihong - Professor, College of Agriculture, Nanjing Agricultural University

Ms. TAN Shuhao - Professor, School of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development, Renmin University

Ms. ZHANG Lei - Associate Professor, School of Environment, Renmin University

Mr. Jan CORTENBACH - Chief Technical Officer, Wellhope - De Heus Animal Nutrition B.V.

Supervisory Board-Honorary Member

Mr. Martin OLDE MONNIKHOF - Agricultural Counselor, Royal Netherlands Embassy

Executive Board

Ms. LIU Zhen - Representative Shanghai, Chic group, Wageningen Academy

Mr. WANG Yiding - Sinovac Biotech Ltd.

Mr. ZHANG Cheng - Waterborne Transporte Institute, Ministry of Transport; Engineer, Division of International Cooperation, China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research

Mr. LIU Jixin - Project Manager, Foreign Economic Cooperation Office, Ministry of Environmental Protection, P.R.China

Mr. QU Changle 

Mr. GONG Kun

Mr. ZHENG Zheng - Research Assistant at Institute of Vegetables and Flowers, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Science

Ms. ZHANG Tong

Mr. Henk VERMEULEN - HCV Advies, jurist on environment / Project Manager

Executive Board-Secretary

Ms. YAN Jie- Project Manager, Wageningen UR China Office


For more information about the Wageningen Alumni Chapter China please contact Denise Spiekerman via