Impact story

Animal models

Before medicines become available to people, they must be extensively and thoroughly tested. The law prescribes research to ensure the safety of new drugs. For this reason, it is mandatory to test new medicines on animals in laboratories before they can be placed on the market.

Understanding and preventing diseases

Many animals are genetically surprisingly similar to humans. They have the same organs that perform the same functions in the same way. Nearly 90% of the medicines used in animals for treatment can be used in the same or similar way for humans. Animal studies make an vital contribution to the understanding, treatment and prevention of diseases in both animals and humans.

Replacement, reduction and refinement

Wageningen Bioveterinary Research develops animal models to address these societal needs and tests new vaccines in (pre)clinical trials. We carry out these tests in accordance with the legal requirements and the highest possible standards for animal welfare. We are guided by the principle of the 3 r's: replacement, reduction and refinement.

Phases in vaccine development
Phases in vaccine development