Annual Nutrient Cycling Assessment

The Annual Nutrient Cycling Assessment (ANCA - KringloopWijzer) is first of all a management tool. Wageningen Livestock Research has developed ANCA with input of a venturous group of dairy farmers.

Improved efficiency

The outcomes enable farmers to improve their farm management and mineral efficiency.

Good and reliable ANCA outcomes offer dairy farmers a ‘license to produce
Michel de Haan, researcher Livestock & Environment

Farm-specific performance figures

Currently ANCA is a widely accepted tool to provide farm-specific environmental performance figures. Since all output is produced using traceable and reliable input data, ANCA may also be used for licensing, or evidencing environmental performance.

Almost all Dutch dairy farms use this tool

Since 2018 the dashboard of the tool provides information on the farm-specific emissions of greenhouse gases and ammonia. This offers farmers valuable insight in the emission levels and mitigation strategies. ANCA is mandatory for all Dutch milk suppliers. This covers almost 100 percent of the Dutch dairy farms.

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