Application visiting PhD Students

We welcome PhD students from a wide range of backgrounds and fields of expertise for research visits at the Law Group.

What we offer

The expertise of the Law Group ranges from environmental and food law to business and human rights, energy law, consumer law, competition law, international economic law, IP law, and legal theory.

During your visit, you will be assigned a mentor, and have the opportunity to present your research to the entire Law Group in order to receive feedback and develop your research further. You will be provided with office space and assistance with finding accommodation and other practicalities.

You will also be able to request a WUR-account. This will provide you with access to the library and a WUR-email address. The financial cost of € 1.500 per year (charged pro-rata) will be the responsibility of the visiting PhD Researcher. Alternatively, the visiting researcher can request access to the library without a WUR email address, which is free of charge.

The researcher will also be responsible for any accommodation and visa related costs. The Law Group will be able to provide assistance for visa applications through the Expat Centre and/or by providing a letter of invitation.

What we expect

Research visits typically last between one to three months but longer visits will also be considered.

During this time, we expect you to take active part in the LAW Group community – including our faculty and our MSc students – for example by taking part in research colloquia. We expect your visit at the Group to result in at least one contribution to our Law Working Paper series (posted on SSRN) and for you to present once during our research meetings.

How to Apply?

In order to apply as a visiting PhD Researcher, please send your CV and motivation letter to with and in cc.

Ensure that the motivation letter includes:

  • A brief introduction and outline of your research
  • Who you want to collaborate and work with during your visit
  • What you aim to achieve during your visit at the WUR


Short-term accommodation is an important step when considering a visit to Wageningen. Accommodation can be expansive and scarce in Wageningen. To find a room, you can visit the following websites:

For more information please visit: