Brochure CPT 2019-2020

The new brochure of Communication, Philosophy and Technology (CPT) is out now. In this brochure you will find an overview of our courses, minors and research.

Human beings have a profound influence on the bio-physical environment of planet earth. Looked at from a different perspective or a higher level, even our seemingly trivial everyday activities generate large unintended effects when aggregated with those of other people. Such processes can result in major societal challenges such as climate change, inequity and poverty. At the same time, they suggest that major positive transformations can arise from small changes in individual behavior, provided that these occur at a large scale. However, achieving this requires a certain degree of mutual understanding and agreement that is often lacking in our polarized societies.

At Communication, Philosophy and Technology, we examine how societal stakeholders and policy-makers make sense of societal problems and solutions, and aim to contribute to bridging divides between stakeholders and disciplines. We analyze and clarify key values and arguments, develop new forms of dialogue and persuasive communication, and we contribute to strategies for inclusive development and responsible innovation.

In our education we prepare social science and life science students to become professionals with expertise in interdisciplinary collaboration, strategic communication, inclusive change and reflective philosophy. Students can participate in individual courses, participate in CPT minors, and be supervised with
a thesis or internship.

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