Thesis subject

Child nutrition education in Colombia

Accessing healthy food is a challenge for many families in Columbia, particularly those living in low income neighbourhoods. This results amongst others in stunting and undernutrition in children 0-5 years old. The organisation Cooperativa Multiactiva De Madres Del Valle Coomac in Cali (Columbia) receives funding of the Bill Gates Foundation (Global Grand Challenge, November 2018 – May 2020) to develop a programme that aims for improved nutrition intake in 9000 families with children 0-5 years old.

This programme integrates a hybrid value chain business model, as part of a national Early Childhood Education (ECE) programme, to leverage collective purchasing power in a community of low-income families in Columbia to reduce the price of nutritious local foods.

One of the programme components is an intervention encouraging people to buy and consume the healthier foods with their children. In various neighbourhoods in Cali tailored interventions are being developed and implemented (e.g., vegetable gardens, education for caregivers 0-5). Information is collected in a baseline study, and includes two literature studies by WUR bachelor students and a survey study among caregivers of children 0-5 years old.

Topic for a master thesis

Now that various types of interventions have been implemented in Cali neighbourhoods, the organisation seeks to better understand what works and what not (in terms of effects and implementation processes). You will be systematically analysing the various interventions and provide recommendations for upscaling of this intervention in Cali. You will be hosted by Cooperativa Multiactiva De Madres Del Valle Coomac in Cali (Columbia) and collaborate with CIAT (International Center for Tropical Agriculture/ Centro Internacional de Agricultura Tropical).

Type of student

We look for a student who speaks and understands Spanish. And preferred (but not obligatory) background of students is completion of a course in systematic planning of health interventions (HNE 33306 Public Health Nutrition, CPT 32306 Behavioural interventions for health).