Course Details - Managing Risk in the Face of Climate Change

Rapid and unplanned urbanization, the growing number and magnitude of disasters globally, and the uncertainty over climatic variations are factors which increase the exposure and vulnerability of communities, their livelihoods, physical infrastructure and economic networks.

Climate change adaptation & disaster risk management

Reducing vulnerabilities and exposure to natural hazards is critical to achieving sustainable development. Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) and Disaster Risk Management (DRM) promote resilience in the face of hazards. They are both concerned with reducing communities’ vulnerabilities and increasing risk resilience. However, most countries treat the two policy fields separately with different departments taking up the responsibility for either DRM or CCA but using overlapping methods and tools to monitor, analyse and address disaster and climate change risks. In the face of these challenges, improved coordination of DRM and CCA activities and integrated mainstreaming of disaster and climate risks into development planning are needed. At the same time, to reduce exposure and manage climate risks, institutional arrangements have to be strengthened and societal capacities enhanced. Every organization, whether government or business or civic, needs a forward-thinking manager who can anticipate and prepare for risks. This two week intensive course will give you new insights, perspectives and tools to become one of them.

Interactive course

The course has an interactive nature and incorporates group work, case studies, interactive lectures, discussions, presentations and excursions to offer background, theoretical aspects, as well as practical approaches. Resource persons from different disciplines will expose you to a broad range of domains. The training programme is organised by Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation, Wageningen University & Research and Asian Disaster Preparedness Center

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