Dimitris - MSc Biobased Sciences – Intern McCain Foods - April 2021

My name is Dimitris and I am a second-year Biobased Sciences master’s student in the specialization Biomass Production and Carbon Capture. In some weeks, I will start my internship at the agricultural department of McCain foods.

Being an intern at McCain was my ambition for several reasons. Firstly, when I came in contact with people from McCain for some internship opportunities that I was interested in, they informed me that they are canceled due to the current COVID-19 situation. I was very disappointed and for several months I was looking for other internship opportunities but because of the nature of my field, it was difficult. Finally, some weeks ago I got the good news that they have a project that fits with my qualifications and after an interview round, I was informed that I start.

Student Career Services played a significant role during my internship seeking by supervising me (very quickly) with some motivation letters I sent to some other companies and by updating my CV. Moreover, I would like to thank Astrid van Noordenburg who played a vital role in coming this internship into a reality, by informing her network at McCain that I am still interested in doing my internship in this specific company.

Even if my internship will be online, I am very enthusiastic about the topic. Moreover, besides the knowledge broadening, the communication with people from different countries and cultures educates you to get mature in a working environment and to face different obstacles with respect and responsibility. In addition, as McCain’s quote says “Good ethics is good business” and it is something that I strongly believe. 

If I could give some pieces of advice to people that are currently, or in the coming future, seeking or will be seeking for an internship I would say the following things:

Follow your dreams. It does not matter if an internship is online or not. The things you will take are there in one or the other way. Try to find an internship in a company, organization, or institute that inspires you to be a better employee but also a better person.

Use your entire network. Ask everyone you know that is involved in the topic of your interest. They might know some things that we are missing.

Be patient and do not despair if something does not come at the time you are waiting. Good things come at an unexpected point.

Lastly, be sincere in your interviews and be yourselves. You are not better or worse than someone else. You are just unique!