Education for the biobased economy

Many challenges, current and future, lie ahead in a transition to a sustainable biobased economy. Meeting them requires knowledge and education on a variety of topics related to technology, economy and society.

Biobased Economy courses

Wageningen University & Research currently offers its students two bachelor minors, one master specialisation, internships, thesis work, innovation projects and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). There are also PhD courses and biobased thesis topics, as well as introductory and advanced courses for professionals and teachers in vocational & higher professional education.

Bachelor courses and minors

Biobased Transition

For the transition to a biobased society the challenge is to actually use new materials and processes to create a sustainable society, both in the Netherlands and on a global scale.
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Biobased Technology

The focus of this minor is technical innovation strategies that aim to replace fossil fuels with renewable resources. This creates insight into opportunities for new production chains, from biomass to end product.
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The online MicroMasters programme Biobased Sciences for Sustainability offers an opportunity to advance you career in sustainable resources and accelerate through the on-campus full Master programme Biobased Sciences. There is a paid and a free track available. Learn more about this programme.

Master programmes

The MSc level offers a number of courses on the biobased economy. Together they form an interdisciplinary specialisation called Environmental and Biobased Technology. The list of courses is available here.

A new MSc programme called Biobased Sciences is coming up in 2018. The master focuses on the transition from a petrochemical to a biobased society. The programme includes multidisciplinary design of production chains including biomass production, bioconversion, biorefinery and societal, logistic and economic transition processes. 

PhD programmes and courses

PhD students can follow biobased courses: graduate schools VLAG, EPS and PE&RC offer courses and summer schools that are open to PhD students and professionals from the industry or knowledge institutions.

Centre for Biobased Economy (CBBE)

Within the Centre for Biobased Economy (CBBE), Wageningen University joins forces with seven educational institutes and the private sector to work on the biobased economy. This partnership within CBBE allows higher education institutions to train future pioneers in the biobased transition.

Courses for professionals

On a regular basis, Wageningen University & Research and Wageningen Academy offer courses and workshops for professionals, such as teachers in vocational and higher professional education.