Thesis subject

Effects of statins on mitochondrial energy metabolism

Statins are a class of cholesterol-lowering medication that are very effective in reducing serum cholesterol levels and are known to reduce cardiovascular events with 30%. Myopathy is the most important adverse drug reaction of statin therapy with rates up to 26%. The mechanism underlying the muscle side effects remains enigmatic, but it is suggested that statins disturb mitochondrial energy metabolism via various routes.

Relevant questions: What is the evidence that mitochondrial function is disturbed in myopathic statin users? Is the disturbance in mitochondrial function causally related to the muscle complaints patients experience, or is there also evidence that asymptomatic statin users (statins users without muscle complaints) show a diminished mitochondrial function? What are the different mechanisms discussed in literature via which statins disturb mitochondrial function?

Aim: Define a specific research question related to one or more of the questions above. Write a logically structured report based on literature research question, focusing mechanisms involved. Conclude and propose an experiment that brings this research on step further.