Thesis subject

Energy transition: from fossil fuels to biofuels/renewable energy

The Environmental Systems Analysis Group provides the possibility for students to do their thesis in collaboration with our group. This is one of many possible thesis subjects. Please feel free to contact Dr Steinmann (right) for more information.

Achieving the world’s climate goals requires a massive shift away from fossil fuels to renewable sources of energy. This so-called energy transition raises interesting and challenging issues on many different levels. Spatially, these issues may take place on the global (e.g. intercontinental trade in wood pellets), regional (e.g. the interconnection of national electricity grids), national (e.g. climate goals of individual countries) or local (e.g. finding the optimal location for a wind turbine or solar farm) levels. The temporal aspect of the energy transition is equally important with processes that play on the short, medium and/or long-term.

A thesis related to the energy transition at ESA can focus on any (combination) of spatial and temporal scales, but should focus primarily on the environmental effects of switching to renewable sources, although relevant societal or economic effects can be included as well. In fact, in many cases it will be necessary to incorporate at least some insights from different disciplines because of the inherent complexity of the energy transition.