Environmental LCA for biocomposite materials

Two internship vacancies at the Centre of Expertise Biobased Economy.

Centre of Expertise Biobased Economy helps businesses achieve their biobased goals by working with them to modernise higher professional education, and to carry out applied research that makes a difference.


Execute an environmental Life cycle analysis for biocomposite materials for buildings and bridges.


Working with GABI modelling software in compliance with ISO standard 14040, client contacts, environmental impact assessment. Part of the LCA is calculating a few end of life options both including & excluding molecular chemical recycling and re-use of expensive bio-epoxy resins and flax fibers. The LCA work is part of 2 large research and demonstration projects with Dutch, Belgian and German partners.

With in project 1, there may be an LCA executed which compares the environmental impact of steel, thermoset and thermoplastic composite and wood girders complying with equal mechanical demands. The other project is focused on the attributional environmental impact of new pedestrian biocomposite bridges in Bergen op Zoom, Almere and Ilsfeld (D).


e-mail address:
meetings on a weekly basis; working location Lovensdijkstraat 63 Breda.


Project leader


5 months.

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350 euro/month.