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Fees 2017-2018 Pre-Master Linkage Programmes

When you cannot be directly admitted to a WU Master study programme because of deficiencies in your previous education, you may, on the recommendation of the Admission Committee, enrol as a student for a pre-master linkage programme.

The pre-master linkage programme consists of a maximum of 30 credits and is determined individually. Enrolment as a pre-master linkage student student is for one academic year only.

The fees 2017-2018 for pre-master linkage programme students are set out below, including the conditions to be fulfilled by the student.

Enrolment as a student for pre-master linkage programme only.

Pre-master linkage programme students who participate only in the courses of their Pre-Master Linkage programme of 30 EC or less pay a fee equal to the proportional part of the statutory tuition fee. The proportional part depends on the size of the linkage programme.

For Example:
Size Pre-Master linkage programme Fee to be paid in 2017-2018
30 EC € 1,003,00
24 EC € 802,40
18 EC € 601,80
15 EC € 501,50
12 EC € 401,20

Payment of pre-master linkage fees is made by transfer of fees to the bank account of Wageningen University. You will receive payment instructions from the Student Service Centre. Please note: pre-master linkage students are not entitled to a refund of paid fees in case they do not complete their linkage programme.

Enrolment as a student for pre-master linkage programme + other courses.

Linkage students who want to follow other courses beside their pre-master linkage programme should enroll as a regular student in a Bachelor study programme. They will pay the tuition fee 2017/2018 for their enrolment as a student, taking into account the nationality and degree requirements.

Please contact the Student Service Centre of Wageningen University for more information about the fees to be paid or see: Tuition Fees 2017-2018 Full Time Study Programmes.


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