Field crops

The projects carried out by the business unit Field crops contribute to innovation and knowledge development in arable farming, field production of vegetables, green space, nursery stock and fruit growing, at both the national and international level. As our work on developing practical innovations is commissioned by the private and the public sectors, we ensure that our independent position and academic integrity are always at the forefront.

Over a long period, we have built up a great deal of experience with collecting data and developing knowledge to help realise sustainably and economically viable cultivation and business operations in arable farming and field production of vegetables. If we are to use strong, productive crops for the sustainable production of high-quality, healthy food, soil health, nutrient condition and good crop health are essential. We have ample knowledge and suitable facilities ready and waiting. In addition, we work hard on crop innovations, culture and value-in-use research, and conduct research into the soundness of crop protection agents.

The business unit Field crops has a vast body of knowledge and experience relating to projects in which group processes and a conceptual approach play a major role. Working alongside the sector and businesses in the field, we are also able to design and implement projects using co-innovation. Our broad knowledge is proving very useful in our urban farming projects, for example.


ACRRES, the Dutch national centre for applied research on renewable energy and green resources, is a prime example of how we work with various partners to experiment, test, demonstrate and teach. We have test facilities equipped to carry out accurate and efficient tests and demos, both in the field and under controlled conditions. In our test and demonstration businesses, we act as both researcher and agriculture entrepreneur. Needless to say, we use the knowledge thus acquired in the projects we carry out.