Flor-green: The living Tower

By designing a Greenhouse, we took the productional part of the building as a point of origin for all the other considerations and components of this multifunctional building. It’s the combination of the visible production area occupying 1/3 of the building and the participation of the community in these in production processes that makes it work best: direct consumption of freshly-prepared, zero-kilometre food!

Therefore, we created a building which facilitates scientific progress and stimulates projects that communicate the significance of urban farming in this continuously spatially consolidated world. In order to achieve this, we designed something more than a beautiful, pleasant building; we designed a landmark: an iconic building that in all its parts, communicates the fact that food production can now be achieved in cities. It’s a building that is much more than just wood, steel and concrete; a building that itself is the Land!

We then created a truly living bio-skin: we decided to keep the old structure and replace the existing facade with a new transparent one made in ETFE, integrating a system of algae production within the cushions. As ivy grows on old abandoned buildings without affecting their structure, our new facade symbolically gets “eaten up” by nature, like green plants growing on ruins. The new envelope represents the importance and role of green in built-up areas, while breaking down the old traditions and rules. Our building wants to communicate its productional value while providing new opportunities and strategies for  the integration of architecture and agriculture.

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