Gezonde herten en zwijnen

In the spotlight

Healthy deer and boar

Only a few places in the Netherlands are home to large ungulates such as red deer and wild boar. Their habitat is often broken up by fences and roads, which can lead to inbreeding and associated health complications in the animals.

In light of this, researchers at Wageningen University & Research have been charting the genetic variation of red deer and wild boar in the Netherlands and neighbouring areas of Belgium and Germany. Their research demonstrates that measures such as wildlife crossings and tunnels are beginning to pay off, and also highlighted areas in need of additional connections so as to encourage mixing of the same species. Through this research, Wageningen is working on improving quality of life.

We now have an extensive, multipurpose database for red deer and wild boar. This not only helps us to investigateinvestigate whether these animals are able to sufficiently exchange within their current habitats, it also helps to explain habitat expansions in new areas and to identify locations where these expansions could lead to problems.
Dr. Arjen de Groot, Researcher Ecological genetics