How to travel

If you arrive at Amsterdam (Schiphol) Airport, you can take the train to Ede-Wageningen station. Trains with Nijmegen as final destination will stop at Ede-Wageningen. The train ride will take 1 hour. You can also plan your train journey online:

After arriving at Station Ede-Wageningen, you can take the bus (around 20 minutes) or taxi (± 30€) (around 15 minutes) to Wageningen. At the north side (right) of the station you will find the bus stops and taxis.

The following buses are going to Wageningen bus station:

- Bus 84: Wageningen;

- Bus 86: Wageningen;

- Bus 88: Wageningen;

Hotel WICC (Hof van Wageningen) is just at a few minutes walking distance from the Wageningen bus station. You can also plan your bus journey online via

The Young Scholar Workshop is held at Wageningen University, at the Leeuwenborch building. In the programme you can see which bus to take to arrive there on time.

Kindly be aware that local currencies cannot be changed in the Netherlands. Only dollars and pounds can be changed at Amsterdam (Schiphol) Airport. In the surrounding of Wageningen this is not possible. In the area of the bus station and the hotel in Wageningen are multiple ATMs.

More information about this trip and ticket options can be found here:

More information about purchasing an OV chip card can be found here:

A map of Wageningen, indicating the bus station, the WICC hotel, and the workshop venues can be found here: