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Impact of Brexit on current and prospective students

The United Kingdom (UK) has left the European Union (EU) on 31 January 2020. A transition period lasted until 31 December 2020, during which all EU rules and laws continued to apply to the UK. An agreement on a new partnership between the EU and the UK has been reached on 24 December 2020. This agreement sets out the rules that will apply between the EU and the UK from 1 January 2021 onwards. The agreement still has to be approved by the European Parliament and the member states.

Do you want to know what the (possible) consequences of the current situation are for you as a (prospective) UK student or for you as WUR student who wants to participate in an exchange programme with the UK? Please read the information on this webpage thoroughly.

Current BSc and MSc students from the UK

Since 1 January 2021, all UK nationals living in The Netherlands require a residence permit. Students (and other UK nationals) who already lived in The Netherlands and registered with the municipality before that date, could apply for a residence permit via the special Brexit procedure for residents of The Netherlands (article 50). If you did obtain such a residence permit, you are allowed to study under the same conditions, and with the same tuition fees, as those set for EU students. This is on condition that you remain registered as a resident in the Netherlands, without interruption, throughout your studies.

If you meet the conditions of the IND, it’s still possible to apply for the ‘Brexit residence permit’. This is because the Dutch government is applying flexible rules up to and including 30 September 2022. After this, the flexible policy no longer applies.

Prospective BSc and MSc students from the UK

If you cannot or did not obtain a residence permit via the special Brexit procedure for residents of The Netherlands (article 50), you will be considered as non-EEA student and will have to pay the institutional tuition fees for non-EEA students.

Erasmus+ programme

Although the UK will longer participates in the Erasmus+ programme, Wageningen University & Research continues its existing student exchange programmes with British universities. You can contact your home university for (grant) possibilities. A list of British exchange partners can be found here.

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