Information for Teaching Staff

Why refer students to the Writing Lab?

Are your students struggling with their written assignments or their theses? Are you spending more time correcting their writing than commenting on content? Then it can be efficient to refer your students to the Writing Lab.  WWL helps students to write better-organised texts so that you can spend more time correcting content. The service is free and students can use it as often as they need! 

On this page we indicate how we work. If you want more information on what we can do for you, you can invite the WWL coordinator to a departmental meting to explain the lab’s methods and to answer questions about the lab.

Instructor feedback

At the WWL we welcome all students with all types of writing assignments. To improve our services, we’d like to hear from instructors about the type of assignment and what or how they expect students to write. The more we know about these issues, the more we can help students with their written assignments.

We’d also like to hear what you think of your students’ writing skills after they’ve visited the Writing Lab. Please be candid about your feedback. Your comments will be kept confidential.

How can your students benefit from the Wageningen Writing Lab?

Students are taught how to approach a written assignment and how to develop a clear and readable text. They learn to identify and overcome their writing problems and to develop a new writing routine.

When and how should I refer students to the Wageningen Writing Lab?

Students benefit most from the Writing Lab when they have the time to practice what they have learned. We recommend referring students to the WWL when they receive the assignment. They then have enough time to put into practice what they’ve learned at the WWL.

Students often think they’re failing when their lecturer advises outside help. You can prevent this by telling students about the WWL at the start of their assignment or dissertation when there are no concerns yet about their writing.

You can tell your students about the WWL during your lectures or in your course material. We can provide you with a text for your study guide and a Powerpoint slide.

You can also invite a WWL tutor to a lecture and ask him/her to spend five or ten minutes telling the students about the WWL and what it can do for them. Drop us a line and we’ll arrange it!

 Does the Writing Lab assess and correct student work?

The Writing Lab does not assess or correct student work. In the sessions we ask students to explain the assignment guidelines and we coach them in following them. But the student is responsible for the process and the product. Students always submit their own work to an instructor.

Does the Writing Lab check with students to see how they’re progressing after their appointment?

WWL tutors help students develop a routine to evaluate and to improve their process and product. They do not monitor it. After they visit the WWL, students are responsible for what they do with the advice.