Impact story

Insects for animal feed

The rising global demand for meat, meat products, fish, dairy and eggs is creating a growing demand for sustainably produced alternative proteins for animal feed.

A valuable component of animal feed

Regular protein-rich animal feed ingredients include fishmeal, soy bean meal, extracted sunflower seed and extracted rape seed. A technical feasibility study by Wageningen Livestock Research substantiated that bio-waste substrates and organic side-streams can be successfully used to feed insects, thereby upgrading low-grade proteins to high-quality proteins, which in turn can be a valuable component of animal feed.

Upgrading low-quality protein to high-quality protein, while solving a waste problem, is the ultimate example of circular and bio-based economy
Teun Veldkamp, researcher Animal Nutrition

First steps

Only recently legislation allows insect protein to be used in fish feed. This is the first step towards the application in animal feed for raising poultry and swine as well. Our expert knowledge on the use of insect protein in animal feed empowers national and international policy makers in this legislative process.

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