Kaavya - MSc Food Technology - Insight & Innovation Analyst Innova Market Insights - August 2020

My name is Kaavya, I studied MSc Food Technology and I graduated from WUR in August 2019

How did you find your job?

I started to look for jobs actively from February 2020. Bad timing, since from March, COVID-19 hit and everything went under even before it could start. Application after application but no luck or response. Looking at the magnitude of the pandemic I immediately understood that this was not a phase and that this was going to last for a while. So I decided to adopt a different strategy. Thereon, I focused a major chunk of my energy on 'Networking'. And after 6 months, 140 applications later, I got my first interview and in turn my first job!

What support of Student Career Services was helpful?

As part of my networking, I had regular video chats with Astrid and Elizabeth. They helped me greatly by giving me tips to improve my candidature, useful leads on job vacancies and most importantly encouraged me to keep going without losing hope!

What do you like in your job (or what do you find difficult)?

I, now, work as an Insight & Innovation Analyst at Innova Market Insights. I like, that despite being an established company, Innova has an entrepreneurial mindset, a rarity. This mindset challenges each employee to go beyond their job role and explore what extra they could bring to the job. Something, a starter like me highly appreciates. Another aspect I like is that it has a very international environment where there is ample room for growth and development. The fact that I could easily blend in is testament to how welcoming the colleagues at Innova are.

What kind of tips do you have for students who are currently looking for a job?

Since the job market is still suffering from the effects of the pandemic. My advice would be-

First, don't just stick to the rulebook of job searching. Understand the need of the hour and get creative, try out different ways and strategies to reach your goal. Second, surround yourself and constantly keep in touch with people who you can discuss your progress with. This will help you to keep on track while not feeling discouraged easily. Third, and last talk talk talk... Talk, meet (in today's time, meet virtually), and broaden your network. Let them know you (beyond what reflects on your CV or cover letter) and what you are looking for. And the rest shall follow.

With that I would like to wish good luck to everyone who is currently looking for a job.