Keynote: Gary Milante

The second keynote, Dr Gary Milante discussed the challenges of overcoming research, practice and policy divides in tackling highly complex, multi-dimensional aspects of security and development in fragile and conflict-affected situations.

Dr Gary Milante drew from his experience with the World Bank. Besides the challenge of overcoming these divides, another challenge is to connect four spheres that are all trying to accomplish many things at once: diplomatic, humanitarian, development and security actors. 

Dr Milante then described the 'wicked problems' with development in fragile and conflict-affected situations, and some general trends with respect to poverty and the MDGs. Prospects for poverty eradication and development in fragile settings by 2030 are bleak.

He emphasized the potential for development scenarios for fragile countries by systematically building on experiences of similar countries. There is a need for new data, new methods, new approaches and new technologies that reconcile to social science methods. As prospects for future development and poverty eradication are challenging, we need to overcome mismatches between timely policy advice and high quality research and aim for better coordination.

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