Laptop service, terms, and insurance

laptop service

Extensive laptop service

As a student, if you have issues with your laptop, the ServicePoint IT is here to help. If the issue cannot be resolved immediately, you will be provided with a laptop to borrow within one hour. A laptop purchased at the LaptopShop comes with a 4-year service plan for repairs. If you decide not to participate in the laptop offer, you can use our laptop repair service for premium-brand laptops for a fee (HP, Lenovo, Dell, Fujitsu, Microsoft, Apple, Panasonic).

If you stop studying at WUR, you will still have access to the 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.


  1. The laptop is intended to be used by you.
  2. The laptop offer applies to all students of Wageningen University & Research.
  3. The software that can be downloaded from the WURAppStore must be deleted once you have finished your studies.
  4. You will conclude a purchase agreement with Computacenter, the party who fulfils the contract, and not WUR. Questions about ordering, payment, and delivery should also be directed towards Computacenter.
  5. The buyer of the laptop will receive an invoice containing all relevant information about the purchase. This invoice is also the proof of your warranty.
  6. The discount on the Complains on Arm, Neck and Shoulder (CANS) set can only be used once.
  7. The 3-year, Next Business Day service contract for the laptop only applies if the device is treated and used properly (improper use is not covered under the service plan).

These rules have been established in order to continue offering these laptops for great prices in the future.

Laptop insurance FP IT

Laptop insurance

If you really want to study without any stress, we highly recommend taking out laptop insurance. You can sign up for this laptop insurance when you are making your purchase at the LaptopShop. The main features of the insurance plan are as follows:

Simplesurance insurance

  • Complete laptop coverage in the event of user-caused damage (damage from water and fluids, trouble operating the device, fire, lightning, theft, and vandalism)
  • Rapid assistance and quick repairs in the event of damage
  • Global coverage
  • Theft insurance
  • Choice of one fixed term of 1, 2, or 3 years
  • Insurance process is fully online, so very minimal paperwork. It is easy to sign up!

More information and the policy terms will be available at the LaptopShop.