Let's start a solar-powered chocolate factory in rural Ghana

Fairafric is a German-Ghanaian social business that revolutionizes the chocolate world and is changing the course of chocolate history.

We produce chocolate from the tree to bar in Ghana, in order to transfer the value chain to the country of origin. This is because 70% of the world's cocoa comes from West Africa, but less than 1% is processed there. Accordingly, the generated value remains in the Global North. By producing in the country of origin, we multiply local income and create real perspectives. For us, producing in Ghana means creating fair, well-paid jobs and creating fair working circumstances such as health insurance, paid overtime and canteen meals.

We are currently looking for those who would like an internship starting from October (or later). We are happy to receive unsolicited applications in the areas of marketing, operations or sales. Feel free to contact us at:

Visit for more information on our company and our goals.