LinkedIn “Mentioned in the News” Feature

LinkedIn “Mentioned in the News” Feature

Recently LinkedIn presented a new feature called “Mentioned in the News”. Mentioned in the News is an automated feature that looks for online news articles, and matches names in these articles to LinkedIn members. LinkedIn doesn't yet have any member controls to generate your own Mentioned In the News entries.

An algorithm determines whether a news item mentioning a common name like John Smith is about your friend John Smith or a different John Smith. While this algorithm is good, it's not perfect. It's a good idea to check that the person or organization in an article is the same person or organization you're following.

Basically this means LinkedIn can link your profile to a news article in which you are mentioned, and your LinkedIn connections get to see this. However, recently it showed that this new feature is not flawless. People were being mentioned in news articles which were not about them, or their name was only mentioned but they were not the main subject of the news article. For instance, a communication advisor was tagged in a news article, only because he was mentioned as a contact person at the bottom of the article but the article was not about him.

LinkedIn has made it possible to turn of this feature. You can do this at the Privacy settings of your profile. Here you can turn off that your connections get an update that you are being mentioned in the news. Important is that you have to turn this off yourself. Also, if your connections see a news article in which you are wrongly mentioned or it isn’t about you, they can flag the message with “wrong person or organisation”.

For more information about the new feature visit the LinkedIn help-page.