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MSc thesis subject: Sun-induced fluorescence of agricultural crops

The terrestrial ecosystem plays a major role in studies on the global carbon cycle and on plant production. Not only information on vegetation structure and biochemistry but also on the actual photosynthesis is required for studying vegetation dynamics. Remote sensing has proven to be an important monitoring instrument in this respect.

The reflectance signal has limited capabilities for deriving photosynthesis products. Recent technical sensor developments towards sub-nanometer spectral resolutions offer sun-induced fluorescence (SIF) measurements as an alternative approach for providing complementary information on actual photosynthesis. Therefore, this study focuses on the combined use of SIF and vegetation indices as proxies for studying the dynamics of agricultural systems. However, SIF is a very weak signal that is difficult to separate from the reflectance signal. In order to measure SIF close to the two main emission peaks, the atmospheric oxygen absorption lines O2-B (687 nm) and O2-A (760 nm) will be used. The European Space Agency (ESA) has approved the development and testing of the Fluorescence Explorer (FLEX) space mission to study the complete SIF signal of terrestrial vegetation. The interpretation of the complete SIF signal at the 300 m FLEX pixel will be a huge challenge, in particular deriving information at the farm scale. First, we will study the SIF signal with the so-called FluorSpec (a sub-nanometer spectrometer with 0.14 nm bandwidth) by performing measurements in the field. Secondly, since unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) are very versatile platforms, we will use such a platform equipped with the FluorSpec to fill the gap between canopy-based SIF measurements and the FLEX level in order to develop understanding and validation of the FLEX signal.


  • Calculate red and far-red SIF, based on available retrieval methods using the full SIF signal, based on field measurements
  • Test the applicability of the new UAV-based SIF measurements
  • Study the complementary use of reflectance and SIF measurements on agricultural crops

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  • GRS-20306
  • GRS-32306

Theme(s): Sensing & measuring