Thesis subject

MSc thesis topic: Comparing structure in an Evergreen coniferous forest using mobile and terrestrial LiDAR

Pointclouds of forests acquired with LiDAR systems contain information on structural properties. The quality of the pointcloud differs between different systems, and in this project, we acquired pointcloud data from an evergreen coniferous forest in Loobos using two LiDAR instruments: a terrestrial LiDAR and a mobile LiDAR.

The goal of this project is to assess how different are the pointclouds based on these two LiDAR systems and determine forest and tree parameters on each pointcloud. Student will be able to assess if a significant difference exists among them.

Data was already collected on December 2020 and processed.


Understanding the difference between these two pointclouds, it’s limitations and advantages is relevant at the time to choose between these two systems when using them to collect data.


  • Review literature on state-of-the-art on terrestrial and mobile LiDAR for forestry applications.
  • Identifying similarities and differences between the different pointclouds
  • Estimating forest and tree parameters and establishing (if) significant difference among them.


  • Chen S, Liu H, Feng Z, Shen C, Chen P (2019) Applicability of personal laser scanning in forestry inventory. PLoS ONE 14(2): e0211392.


  • Scripting skills (e.g. R, Python, MatLab, LaTeX) are a preference
  • Basic knowledge of Cloudcompare software
  • Completion GRS-32306 Advanced Earth Observation

Theme(s): Sensing & measuring