Thesis subject

MSc thesis topic: Importance of camera calibration for UAV-based photogrammetry

Over the last years the use of photogrammetry from UAV acquired imagery has grown massively. The availability of small, cheap, high quality cameras allows for accurate measurements. Using Structure for Motion techniques the acquired photos can easily be processed to 3D pointclouds and orthophotos, where camera parameters are automatically determined by the software (e.g. Agisoft Photoscan). However, using uncalibrated cameras may result in systematic errors, which are especially problematic when measurements over time have to be compared.

This research will focus on the importance of camera calibration on the photogrammetric processing. Many studies have been done in the computer science domain that look into camera calibration, but only little research has been done on how the calibration (or absence of calibration) influences the quality of products derived for agriculture, forestry or surveying.


  • Determine the importance of camera calibration for UAV-based photogrammetry
  • Investigate the influence for different scenarios (agriculture, forest, surveying)

Theme(s): Sensing & measuring