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Msc thesis subject: Implementation and evaluation of PPK-GNSS for UAV-photogrammetry

More demands for high accuracy UAV photogrammetry are coming up. To achieven cm accuracies, one of the technical improvements that can be made to our camera systems is implementing RTK or PPK technology.

Our camera system used for multispectral photogrammetry (MUMSY) now operates with a simply GNSS device, resulting in a positional accuracy of a few meters. We would like to see if a technical update of the system using a PPK-GNSS setup will increase the geometric quality of the final products.

The equipment is present, but the technical implementation and design of the PPK processing is something which has to be done. After that, the most important question is if the investment pays off. First, does the quality of the resulting photogrammetric pointclouds improve in absolute positioning? And next, does more accurate knowledge of the camera position improve the internal quality of the photogrammetric pointcloud?


  • Implement the PPK-GNSS processing for the MUMSY camera
  • Evaluate the absolute positioning accuracy
  • Evaluate the influence between GNSS and PPK-GNSS on the internal geometry of your pointcloud



  • Not afraid of technical challenges

Theme(s): Sensing & measuring