We strive towards circular and biobased production of qualitative fabrics through mycelium technology.

Fungal fabric

At Mylium we use mycelium to create our materials. Mycelium is the thread-like structure formed by fungi. The threads extend and branch, thereby weaving together to create a naturally grown non-woven sheet. Mycelium-based fabric looks and feels like a combination of leather and foam. It has a skin-like and soft touch, is extremely lightweight, compressible and has good insulation properties.

Soft touch, Strong story

These properties make our material a suitable alternative to animal-derived fabrics, such as leather. It is our business to produce the fabric and sell it B2B to brands that incorporate it into their products. Our customers are searching for chrome-free and recyclable or biodegradable fabrics, that are durable and have the feel and look of leather. We develop the mycelium-based fabric to match these criteria, while it also cuts down waste production from 20-40% to only 5% due to its convenient shape and undamaged surface.

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