Neat pigs use a toilet

The natural behaviour of pigs is that they choose their lying area first and thereafter the defecating area. By concentrating faeces and urine depositions to a small area both fractions can be removed separately.

Environmental benefits

The toilets also offer pig farmers possibilities to reduce the environmental nuisance. Separation reduces the formation of volatile ammonia. Quick removal of manure reduces the methane and odour emissions.

Pigs are highly trainable to defecate on a certain spot, making it easy to install a pig toilet and to remove the excreta
Nico Verdoes, researcher Livestock & Environment

Application at pig farms

After we tested several pig toilet designs at our Swine Innovation Centre, some commercial pig farms have installed them, based on the gained knowledge.

Better welfare and health

Constructing pig toilets considerably contributes to the mandatory reduction of undesirable emissions from pig farms and contributes to animal (and human) welfare and health. Because of their apparent advantages, pig toilets are expected to be widely used in the future.

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