New employees

Read about new employees and guest researchers of Wageningen University & Research Animal Breeding & Genomics.

- Latest update: April 2021 -

Istvan Fodor

Position: Researcher

Project: Locomotion project & breath analyses cows (Synergia/AGROS)

Started: 1-5-2021

Wisdom Envam Kodzo Agbeti

Position: PhD-candidate

Project: Swimming in steady and unsteady flows: swimming performance, training effects and activity patterning in sea cage using Atlantic salmon and Chinook salmon

Started: 1-4-2021

Gerbrich Bonekamp

Position: Researcher

Project: Various projects on biodiversity and resilience

Started: 1-4-2021

Ines Adriaens

Position: Researcher

Project: Various projects, with a focus on data analysis and model development

Started: 15-3-2021

Julie Lamy

Position: Researcher

Project: PPP repro, CGN projects

Started: 1-3-2021

Bert Klandermans

Position: Data science engineer

Project: Klimaat envelop, DFF & Dairy campus

Started: 1-1-2021