New employees

Wageningen Animal Breeding & Genomics is very pleased to introduce its new employees.

Jovana Marjanovic

Expertise: Molecular biology, quantitative genetics (inherited variability, indirect genetic effects)
ABGC: ReDiverse project with Mario Calus
Project: WLR-postdoc: improving genomic prediction methods in numerically small breeds
Period: 01-11-2017 till 01-11-2018

Michael Aldridge

Expertise: Practical application of genetic research for industry
ABGC: collaboration Mario Calus and Jeremie Vandenplas
Project: WLR-postdoc, APY testing, allele frequency computing
Period: 01-11-2017 till 01-11-2018

Rianne van Binsbergen

Expertise: quantitative genetics, WGS, Breeding, genomic prediction, QTL mapping
ABGC: Fertility in dairy cattle
Project: WLR-postdoc
Period: 15-11-2017 till 15-11-2018

Anouk Schurink

Expertise: Horse genetics, quantitative genetics, inbreeding, GWAS
ABGC: Project leader CGN and researcher at WLR
Project: Management and acquisition CGN
Start: 01-09-2017

Erwin Mollenhorst

Expertise: Animal sciences, sustainability, innovation and business development
ABGC: ABG Researcher
Project: Big data (methodologies) in livestock farming
Start: 01-09-2017

Malou van der Sluis

Expertise: behavioural ecology
Supervisor: Bas Rodenburg, Esther Ellen, Yvette de Haas
ABGC: Tracking and tracing individuals in large groups
Project: PhD
Start: 01-11-2017