Technology Offer

Pasta highly enriched with vegetables

Wageningen University is seeking commercial partners interested in producing and commercializing pasta with high vegetable content.

The invention

A method for preparing pasta with high amounts of vegetables (up to 20%) with a limited loss of nutrients during cooking. Taking 100 grams of this pasta provides the equivalent of 200 grams of vegetable, which is the required nutritional amount per day. The pasta retains good texture and taste.


Children like pasta, and to a much lesser extent vegetables, though the latter are also essential. The ideal would therefore be to have a vegetable that tastes like pasta. This is possible with the current invention.  In particular the high amount of vegetable in the pasta is unique.


Ready to eat food that is healthy and tasteful at the same time. The enriched pasta contributes to a healthy diet. It addresses an opportunity to provide children with a healthy choice being the tasty choice.

Stage of development

Ready for roll out.