Personal Grant Application Support

Writing a successful grant could be the defining moment of your academic career. However, grant writing can be intimidating and lonely; a considerable investment with low chances of success. At the Law Group, we have adopted a collaborative and supportive approach to grant writing and we welcome (early career) academics who want to develop their grant applications with our support – and if successful, execute their grants at the Law Group.

Depending on the grant you are applying for and your experience, this support can include providing feedback on draft applications, organizing workshops, practice grant interviews and benefiting from past experiences with successful applications.

Our process starts around 6 months before the grant deadline to make sure you have enough time to prepare and receive feedback. This website will indicate for which open calls we can provide support. In order to make sure we can provide personalized and tailored support, we select around a maximum of five applicants per year.

If the grant you hope to apply for is not indicated as open for support at the moment, feel free to email with related questions and/or an early expression of interest.

We focus on the following personal grants but will also consider other enquiries:

Up to 3 years of post-PhD experience

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowships

NWO Talent Programme Veni

  • The Veni Taskforce organized by the Law group provides writing support for the pre-proposal and the proposal including feedback, several collaborative sessions, and a grant-writing timeline.
  • More information on the Veni grant proposal.

From 2 to 8 years of post-PhD experience

NWO Talent Programme Vidi

European Research Council Starting Grant