Plant your flag!

A lot of people think international relations is like a game of chess. But it's not a game of chess,[..]
It's more like a game of billiards. (Madeleine Albright)

Working on an international strategy is not a game of chess, where two people quietly think about the best strategy and taking their time between moves. It is more like a game of billiard, where you kick on a number of balls at the same time and need to decide quickly what is going to be your best shot. Going international means to expect the unexpected.

So we are all explorers finding ways to keep Wageningen Economic Research being successful, running well and finding new ways for future collaboration.

You have participated in our internationalisation exploration event: Plant your Flag! So you must find this path exciting, as you went and claimed your spot on one of the world maps.

Now we would like to have more input from you about your experience and/or idea’s. We are looking for clusters, common interests, other language skills than English and good business practice. Where is your international experience coming from? What can you build on?

Your input in the questionnaire will be used for our strategic decision on the path for Wageningen Economic Research to take to become more international. The plans will be finalized at the beginning of June. 

So please send us your answers in this questionnaire as soon as possible. Thank you for your input and collaboration!!