Founded in 2019, PreMal is a Dutch-based social enterprise focused on the development and commercialisation of high-performance mosquito trapping systems. We are driven and motivated by the ambition of reducing mosquito-borne diseases, thus stimulating economic growth and empowering people.

Making the difference

PreMal focuses on three key areas where our mosquito control solutions will have a great impact! 

  • Commercial Pest Control
  • Solar Home Providers
  • Researchers

Mosquitoes, the menance

All over the world, human-biting mosquitoes are a continuing problem! 

Mosquitoes occur in abundance in many environments around the globe. Not only do they cause annoyance and discomfort, many spread diseases including malaria, dengue fever and zika. Increasing mosquito resistance to insecticides makes them more and more difficult to control.....

.... until now.

MTego Mosquito Control

Insecticide Free

Mosquito resistance to insecticides is increasing and chemical spraying has become less and less effective. Our solution is bio-inspired and environmentally friendly delivering long-lasting results without the use of harmful chemicals.​

Attractive Odour

The PM6 is a synthetic odour based on components present in human sweat. It is highly attractive to all human-biting mosquitoes, resulting in a high capture rate of the MTego trap. The odour blend is highly effective but imperceptible to human beings.

Optimised Design

The MTego mosquito trap design is robust, easy to use and finely tuned to deliver the highest capture performance. Lab and field testing have demonstrated the MTego's superior performance.

Research Driven

​The highly effective solution has been developed based on more than 10 years of mosquito behavioural research at Wageningen University and Research, the Netherlands. PreMal continues to develop our mosquito control solution based on the latest studies.

The odour baited mosquito trap.
The odour baited mosquito trap.