Thesis subject

Prosumers in the changing energy sector

Members of households who own or participate in distributed renewable energy facilities are said to be prosumers or co-providers. The introduction of local storage facilities, such as electric vehicles and smart energy systems grid are also expected to instigate a more active engagement of private energy consumers with energy management. While this may be true technically, the question is whether their relations with large actors in the energy sector also change. Are there signs of self-governance, increased autonomy? What rules, norms and regulations governing the relations between households on the one hand and energy suppliers and grid operators on the other hand, are being changed? And if so, what does this mean for the relations between the energy-active citizens and others?

The study could focus on local energy cooperatives only, or also on sector-led projects.

Research Question

How are relationships between consumers and energy suppliers/ grid operators changing with the introduction of dispersed renewable energy sources?

Type of research activities

Optional: secondary analysis literature; interviews; surveys

Type of student

MCIa, MCIb, MID Independent, taking responsibility