Rival Foods

Rival Foods develops, produces and sells the next generation plant-based protein foods. The current animal-based protein supply chain is challenged with sustainability issues, disease outbreaks and animal welfare considerations. Yet many people still choose to consume animal-derived products because of their unique qualities, such as texture, bite and taste. At Rival Foods our mission is to offer sustainable future-proof protein products that match or surpass the culinary experience of conventional animal-derived protein products.


Many of today’s plant-based protein products are addressing a need for convenience-oriented consumers, and include products such as burgers, sausages and battered products. However, when compared to animal protein products, so-called ‘processed products’ consist only of half the total consumption: the other half consists of whole-muscle products, such as loin, steak, fish filet or chicken breast. For these unprocessed whole-muscle products, no satisfactory plant-based alternatives are currently available as existing structuring processes are limited to creating small flakes or compressed shapes like burgers with compromise on texture and culinary properties.

Rival Foods solution

Rival Foods creates plant-based products that mimic the unique texture, bite and taste of products in the whole-cut protein category. Our unique technology allows to transform plant-based ingredients into products with culinary properties, ideally suited for chefs, food professionals, cooking enthusiasts, families and any occasion where culinary food brings people together. Rival Foods builds up knowledge on every aspect of ingredients, technology, process, formulation and market demands, hence is ideally positioned to develop new products that meet these culinary demands.


The plant-based shelves in supermarkets are growing rapidly, with many products competing for the same customers. Rival Foods offers a unique range of products, animal-free whole-cut products, that have the ability to address currently unserved market need and that horizontally expand the protein category. By offering these products and closing the gap between animal and animal-free products, Rival Foods has the potential to significantly impact the protein consumption pattern of consumers and the protein landscape, accelerating the transition towards a more sustainable food system.

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