Ster 3 study

Nowadays, our visual attention is continuously influenced by all sorts of information. Visual attention can also being steer by internal signals such as hunger state. Hunger or satiety can affect our mood, behaviour, and attention. Hunger state could also affect our memory, and thereby influencing our performance on a memory game.

This study will research the performance of a memory game depending on our hunger and/or satiated state. We will use eye tracker glasses to measure your visual attention to understand your search strategy.

What is your benefit?

  • Financial reward of € 20,- after second test session
  • Valuable contribution to highly advanced research

You can participate if:

  • You are aged between 18 and 35 years old
  • You have a healthy BMI of 18.5 - 30 kg/m2
  • You are currently not ill
  • Your senses (vision, smell and taste) work properly
  • You are a non-smoker
  • You are not a vegetarian, vegan, or have any food-related allergies or restrictions
  • You are not pregnant or lactating
  • You are not a student or employee at the WUR of the department Human Nutrition
  • You are not participating in another medical intervention

If you have any doubt about meeting the criteria, feel free to still contact us

The intervention will take place during this summer from August 3rd till September 18th at Helix building, situated at the Campus of Wageningen University. All the recruitment will be held online, in order to limit visitations at the WUR. For the test sessions, participants are asked to visit the Campus twice, both for approximately 40 minutes. The sessions are in the afternoon between 14:00 and 17:00 during weekdays. For the test sessions, we are looking for 60 Dutch and international females and males.  

What is expected from you?

Before collecting your information, we will ask you to sign the informed consent. Depending on the online screening, we will let you know if you are eligible for participation. For participation we expect you to visit the University twice. The test sessions will last for approximately 40 minutes. All regulations during these sessions meet the regulations of the Dutch Health Council, to limit contact. Upon entrance you are escorted to the room where the study will be perform. In this room you will be provided with eye tracker glasses and you will be ask to fill out two small questionnaires and perform some memory games. During a small break, you are asked to eat a snack and thereafter fill out questionnaires and perform game again.

For this research, full participation means:

  • You will visit the university twice, while have not eaten for around 1.5 hour
  • You will wear the eye tracker for the total duration of the test sessions
  • You will perform the game at your best performance
  • You will answer the questionnaires according to your state of mind, truthfully

Guidelines for participation


Are you interested in participating in the STER study and want to know more? Please contact the research team!