Thesis subject

Stereotypes surrounding alcohol (drinkers) and their effect on behaviour

What is the link between our health perceptions of different alcoholic beverages and our behaviour? And what is the link between our beliefs about the typical beer, wine or spirits drinker and our behaviour? Do these questions intrigue you? Do you consider pursuing a career in science after your graduation? Do you want to develop the skills to write and publish a scientific paper.

If the answer to these questions is yes, you may want to consider applying for this Master thesis position. During this period of approximately six months, you will closely work together with the chair group Strategic Communication to write a publishable paper. The data has already been collected (questionnaires), but has not yet been analysed. Aside from a strong affinity with statistics, you are also expected to be able to interpret the results and to put them into a broader theoretical framework.
If you interested and want to know more about this project please contact Merije van Rookhuijzen ( to discuss the possibilities.