Sujing - MSc Food Safety - Regulatory affairs expert DSM - April 2021

Hello everyone! I am Sujing, graduate of MSc food safety. It's my great  pleasure to join Career Talks and share my story with you.

Last September, I started searching job opportunities via LinkedIn. Job searching is far from easy during Covid time, especially when working remotely from home became new normal. To be honest, I got quite a lot rejections right after I started job hunting. Those rejections actually served as a good reminder to me that I should focus on opportunity with a better match to my skills (and profile). In this difficult time, I am glad that I received support from Astrid. I had several appointments with her discussing general and detailed questions regarding job searching platforms, CV, cover letter and interview preparation. Besides, I joined the online training (about making LinkedIn profile and use it as a networking/job searching tool) provided by Student Career Service. I find it really insightful. Indeed, a nice profile with tailored keywords can make us stand out. Also, I learned how to find Alumni with the same educational background as me and connect with them. Their career choice can be a nice inspiration for us.  

After several months exploring, I finally got my chance! A few days ago, I joined the Global Regulatory Affairs group within DSM Food Specialties. As a starter with not much working experience, I am excited about learning by doing. Also, the working environment here is very open and caring, that's why I love it a lot. I am very happy to find out that everyone in my group is really friendly and willing to help.

For students/graduates who are currently looking for a job, I think the most important thing is to stay positive. Don't take rejection personally, there is always new opportunity waiting for you around the corner. It is very important to tick the right box. I mean always highlight how your skills and experiences match for the position you are applying. As for my final tip, don't hesitate to ask for help from Student Career Service when you feel overwhelmed. You can always reach out to alumni and recruiters as well :D

Try to enjoy the process of job seeking as much as possible, I wish all of you lots of success! Best of luck!