Yneke - MSc Environmental Sciences - Pouderoyen Tonnaer - June 2020

My name is Yneke and I am combining my master study with my job at Pouderoyen Tonnaer, a consultancy firm in the field of physical living environment. After finishing my bachelors I wanted to experience the work field of Environmental sciences. During the Career day at the WUR I met a lot of interesting persons, including my current colleagues. This first talk gave me a good impression of the organisation and the work atmosphere. My function includes calculating and analysing environmental issues combined with Geo information science, for instance with regard to nitrogen deposition in rural areas.

The best aspect of my job is that I get to work on very diverse projects for a wide range of clients such as corporations, governments, provinces and individuals. That way I get to know the work field quite well. My advice is to visit events like the Career day (WUR), national career day and other networking events. By visiting these events, it became clear to me what I seek in a job and what questions I could ask to understand the organisation better. Besides, take some time to realise what your personal strengths are. If this is clear, it is easier to find a job which suits you.