Zheng - MSc Plant Sciences & MSc Plant Biotechnology - Consultant strategic funding Catalyze - November 2020

My name is Zheng and I studied MSc Plant Sciences and MSc Plant Biotechnology. I work as a Consultant strategic funding at Catalyze. I found this job through LinkedIn.

What support (or event/workshop) of Student Career Services was helpful: I had my CV checked by SCS, linked page checked, and several times discussion with SCS about what kind of job I should be focusing on, what kind of questions I can ask the HR, etc. The tips are really helpful especially for people who want to find jobs in the Netherlands. The LinkedIn profile build-up session was quite useful. The career event is also very useful for both the physical ones and the virtual ones.

What do you like about your job (or what do you find difficult)?

Most of the colleagues I've met so far are really nice and helpful. My manager is very clear and I can follow the instructions to fit into my new role and offer helps. But because the company is located in Amsterdam, travel to the office costs a bit of time (I travel by car, but still need 1-hour per time).

What kind of tips do you have for students who are currently looking for a job? I think the most important thing is to reach out to as many people as possible. More connections mean more opportunities. To get a job or not really depends on if the needs of the company and you are the perfect fit compared to other candidates. Holding a positive attitude is important even when you are turned down after interviews. Remember you also built up your experiences with interviews.