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After the Challenge – Eva Anna Everloo

Eva is a student who participated in two WUR student challenges on food systems and won both! With her team Waste’Up she joined the Food System Innovation Challenge and with hear team SeaweedSensing she joined the Food System in 10 Years Challenge. Her desire to change the food system is admiring! What’s life like for Eva after both challenges?

How did you experience the Challenge?

The challenges were very valuable learning experiences for me, especially the teamwork aspect. It was a pleasure working alongside extremely skilled students and WUR professors. This experience also confirmed my passion for the circular economy and for complex, global food systems. Something I look forward to dedicating my career to.

In the Food System Innovation Challenge, my team Waste’Up presented a practical solution for upcycling unused agricultural waste (in this case, coffee cherry in Indonesia) through pyrolysis and the production of valuable biochar.

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For the Food System in 10 Years Challenge, we designed a concept to use remote sensing (satellites) to monitor and optimise seaweed production. Hence the name, SeaweedSensing!

To my surprise, we won both challenges!

What are your plans?

After the challenges, I was interviewed a few times and received very interesting research leads from WUR to further develop both concepts. I was also offered a position in a start-up that works on an AI-tool to optimise aquaculture (including sustainable seaweed production). Together with my team, I am keen to bring these concepts to life and to create a social and environmental impact.

How can we follow your next steps?

You can find me on LinkedIn.

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What is your ultimate tip for other students?

Most importantly, believe in yourself and your unique skills. Another piece of advice I can give is to surround yourself with people (co-workers) who are enthusiastic, who challenge your beliefs and who encourage you to think outside the box! For me, a dynamic, diverse and multidisciplinary working environment is key to taking something to the next level.