Agent-based modelling

Understanding farmers’ decision-making processes is crucial for making steps in transitions. Farmers and other stakeholders make choices and decisions that directly impact the landscape and thus the food system as in general. Understanding of farmers’ decision-making processes better can provide insight into the different strategies farmers use. This can then provide input into how the anticipated transitions can be achieved. It also helps with the identification of bottlenecks and barriers to adoption which, once identified, can be addressed.

Agent-based modelling (ABM) has been developed to model farmers’ decision-making processes in the Bangladeshi delta for several topics. These are: 1) collective investment in a pump and 2) the adoption of mangroves in shrimp farming. Watch the video to see how agent-based modelling works and how it has been applied to model farmer’s decisions where farmers interact with each other in investing in a pump and adopting mangroves into shrimp aquaculture.

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