Anne Walters - one of Thymos first confidential contact persons

Why did you become confidential contact person?

This year I am chairwoman of SWU Thymos. My policy plan included introducing confidential contact persons at WUR sports associations. We want make everyone feel welcome to play sports and exercise at SC de Bongerd or one of the other facilities associated with SWU Thymos. Not all student sport associations have confidential contact persons yet, so it is nice to have additional CCP’s.

My Thymos board colleague Tijmen van den Broek and I followed a training that the university provided, to become a confidential contact person. Normally this is only for student associations this year we could join as well.

Fellow student or professional?

Confidential counsellor or CCP - when to contact whom?

That depends on what you like and what makes you feel most comfortable and safe. The choice is yours. The confidential contact person is a fellow student, who knows the (sports) association well, the confidential counsellor is a professtional. However, both aim to direct you for help and get you in the right direction.

Talk about it!

What to do when you experience unwanted behaviour?

Go talk to someone! There are a lot of people available that want to help; for guidance see the new social safety roadmap. This infographic offers a clear overview to find the right support easier and faster.

It is also possible to talk with confidential contact persons at your student or study association if you just want to talk or if you don’t know what to do with your situation.

Confidential contact person are not only here for 'victims', but also for people who feel insecure about their own behaviour. If you think you may have created a situation in which people might have felt discriminated for example. The same for bystanders, they can also speak to confidential contact persons.

Interested in becoming a CCP yourself?

Are you a member of a study- or student (sports) association and are you interested in becoming a Confidential Contact Person? Please contact your board. WUR is regularly organising training courses for future CCP's.

You can also contact Student Training & Support

Published in the Student Training & Support Newsletter of May 2022 - by Jaap van der Kolk